3 May 2022 System release updates

CSV download

This allows employers at any point to download applicant contact details who apply for a job. Only Super users can download this pre shortlisting.

BSA Admin lite

The Customer Contact Services (CCS) has a new role called BSA Admin lite. Employers from organisations will contact CCS with NHS jobs issues. The new role allows the Customer Contact Agents to validate employer’s details and role, who contact them with queries.

View only version of pre-employment checks for recruiting manager (RM)

This allows the RM to view an applicant’s pre-employment checks as well as the details of the checks.

A new ‘In progress’ flag on the scoring page

The system shows how many applications are scored, in progress or to score on the scoring overview screen to allow users to manage their scoring.

Rolling Recruitment

Allows an employer to keep a job listing live by creating a copy of the published job and transferring submitted applications to progress their recruitment.

Roles and permission fixes on different epics

We've made some improvements to roles and permissions within the service to make it easier and clearer for users to manage. For example, recruiting managers are now able to create interviews and send invites to applicants.

Other enhancements

An enhancement to ensure that employers can select the application reference and view the application details throughout the offline scoring journey.

Reporting permissions

Users who have the team manager role and permissions can now run reports.

Report file names

When running reports, the file names included extra characters. We’ve removed the extra characters, so the file names now match the report names.

Equal opportunities for a specific job report

Users can change the auto-generated reference when creating a job listing.

Users can now run the 'Equal opportunities for a specific job' report for changed job listing references.

Vacancy bulletin report

We’ve made minor changes to align the content of the report with the rest of the service.