30 May 2022 System release updates

Group internal reporting changes

Employers can now choose to run the vacancy bulletin report for group internal listings only. 

Group internal will also be in the 'export of application and listing data’ report in the 'advertise type' column.

Export of application and listing data report order

We’ve made improvements to the order of the fields on the export of application and listing data report.

They are now grouped more logically and follow the recruitment process.

'Not interviewed' label

We've added a 'Not interviewed' label to the interview management page when an interview did not happen.

'Download interview schedule' button

The ‘Download all applications’ button has changed to ‘Download interview schedule and applications'.  Employers can now download the interview schedule including candidate applications.

'At risk applicant' label

We've added the 'At risk applicant' label to the interview management pages.