25 March 2021 System release changes

Search for applicant

We've added the ability for Super Users and Recruitment Administrators to search for an applicant. You will see this option under the 'What you can do' section of your dashboard.

You can search by entering an email address or application reference number. Applicant details returned in the search will vary, depending on the stage of the recruitment process they have reached.

Large employer dashboard enhancements

Following user feedback, we have now included additional information on the Published and Pre-employment Check sections of the dashboard.

  • In the Published section, you will now be able to see how many applications are in progress, as well as submitted.
  • In the Pre-employment Checks section, you will now see a column detailing which checks are to still to complete.

ESR Virtual Private Database (VPD) and job title improvements

If you are an ESR user, you will no longer need to enter your organisation's VPD code at the beginning when searching for a cost centre.

You are also now able to amend a job title to ensure that it reflects the role advertised. Job titles will need to be updated separately in ESR to ensure consistency in work-structures.

Continuous Improvement and Bug fixes

We've made some improvements to the service. We've:

  • updated the API between NHS Jobs and third party recruitment systems to accept organisation's with a name over 50 characters.
  • updated which email address is used for the recruiting manager when a job is created via a third party recruitment system.