14 January 2021 New dashboard released

From today (Thursday 14 January), you will have a new way to view your jobs after you log in. You will now see a dashboard, showing the different stages of recruitment, instead of the ‘Your job listings’ page. We have added a section where you can enter your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and track which jobs need your attention first. This will have a default of 99 days for each KPI which super users will be able to edit. The KPIs entered will enable the service to highlight a status on each job and how soon it needs to be completed. The statuses you will see are: • On track • Due • Overdue KPIs from 'Shortlisting' to 'Ready to offer' relate to the job status changes. KPIs from 'Conditional offer' to 'Contract' relate to the application status changes. The dashboard will show the total number of jobs at each recruitment stage, and how many are at each level of your KPIs. For super users and recruitment administrators, the 'Manage the account' area has moved to the right hand side of your screen. The KPIs will only be visible to the super users for the account. More information on how to use the dashboard will be available soon in our help and support pages. There are some things to be aware of with your new dashboard: Ready to Offer This is a new stage on the dashboard, called 'Ready to offer'. Your job listing will remain here, while your applicant moves through the later recruitment stages. This is to allow you to access your job again, should you need to offer to someone else. Contracts Once an applicant accepts a contract, the system will not show any KPIs or actions to take in the ‘What needs doing next’ section. The dashboard numbers will include them but this will change when we release the ability to end a recruitment at the end of January. Your current jobs The KPIs will not backdate for any jobs you already had on the previous job listings page. The system will count today’s release date as day 0 for the current recruitment stage they are in. Once you move a job on to a new stage, it will follow the KPIs you set in the system.