21 October 2021 System release changes

New information added to contracts

We’ve added the pay scheme and the associated pay band to the contract of employment that gets sent to the applicant. We now also show on the contract if the role is pro-rata pay.

Adverts with more than one location are now searchable

Published adverts with more than one location (2 to 10 locations) are now searchable on NHS Jobs. The advert will show in search results for all the locations added to it. Adverts with multiple locations will also have an icon to show that the job could be based in more than one location.

Employers accepting on applicant’s behalf

We’ve made some changes to the contracts section of the service. We’ve made the emails we send to applicants about their contracts clearer. An email is now sent to applicants when the employer accepts the contract on their behalf.

Employers can now manage the contracts after they’ve been accepted.

We’ve made it clear to employers what it means when they accept a contract on the applicant’s behalf. We show that the contract was accepted on the applicant’s behalf when an employer views the applicant’s details. The applicant will be able to see on their dashboard and application page that the contract has been accepted on their behalf.

Manage your users

We've added a new page called 'Manage your users'. From this page, you can:

  • add a new user to your account
  • search for a user by name or email address and view their details
  • filter your search results using ‘role’ and ‘status’ criteria