22 July 2021 System release changes

Team Manager role

We’ve introduced a new team manager role so that employers can manage the workload across their recruitment teams.

Team managers and super users have a new tab on the dashboard called ‘Listings by user’. This shows all recruitment administrators, and their assigned listings. A key performance indicator (KPI) bar shows the number and status of those listings.

There is also an ‘Unassigned’ area for listings that do not have a recruitment administrator assigned to them. Team managers can assign and unassign listings as needed.

Content updates

We’ve made the content clearer and more concise in the 'offer' and 'contract' journeys based on user feedback. We've also added a pro-rata pay option if the employer offers a job that is not full-time.

We've added a new status called 'Interview complete'. Applicants who have been interviewed but not offered the job will have a status of 'Interview complete'.

Accessibility improvements

We've addressed accessibility issues on the service. We’re making sure we follow the Government Digital Standards and meet the Web Accessibility Guidelines.