4 November 2021 System release changes

Create a job advert task list

We’ve added a new task list when employers create a job advert.

It lists all the sections that the user needs to complete to publish a job advert, for example:

  • about the job and pay
  • location
  • person specification
  • pre-application questions

Each section shows a status of ‘Not Started’, ‘Started’ or ‘Completed’. Users must complete all tasks before they can publish the job advert.

Change job reference

We’ve introduced the ability to change the job reference number when creating a job advert.

View offer and contract

There’s a new ‘Offers & contracts’ section on the view applicant page. Employers will be able to view offers and contracts after sending them. They will also be able to download a PDF version of the contract if it has been issued online.

Pagination at shortlisting

We’ve added pagination to the shortlisting section. Large numbers of applications will be split onto pages. This will make it easier for employers with large numbers of applications.

Expired job listings

We’ve introduced a new status of ‘Expired’ for listings that closed at least 450 days ago.

You can still search for a listing and filter using ‘Archived’ to find an expired listing. The expired listing view will not have the applicant details tab. Employers can still reuse these listings.