25 February 2021 Latest system release changes

Recruiting manager dashboard changes

Recruiting managers will only have job listings show on their dashboard if they have been set as:

  • the recruiting manager
  • the approver
  • the shortlist lead
  • a shortlist panel member
  • the interview lead
  • an interview panel member

This means that their dashboard will only show job listings where they have a task to complete. Recruiting managers will no longer see all their organisation's jobs.

Creating interviews

We have updated the service to allow you to be able to create multiple interview slots. The service will create the slots depending on:

  • your start time
  • the number of slots you need
  • how long each slot is

You can also add breaks between interviews and for lunch.

Search for a job listing

We have introduced the ability to search for a job listing, using the job title or job reference number.

You can also filter the results by recruitment stage or by recruiting manager.

Job listings in the draft or approval stages will not be included in the search results.

Continuous Improvements

We've recently made some improvements to the service. We've:

  • added a link to our knowledge base where you can find answers to questions or issues you have about the service.
  • increased the character limit on organisation names from 50 to 70
  • updated the error messages that appear when creating interviews if you do not add a start or end time