10th June 2021 System release changes

Autocomplete search functionality

We've added a new autocomplete search functionality to the service. This allows employers to easily search for other users.

When an employer is searching for a user they can enter in the first few letters of the name. The autocomplete search will display a drop-down list of users. The list will show all users that match the letters entered.

The list will show the user's full name and job title. Deactivated users will not appear in the list.

This functionality will be helpful for organisations that have a lot of users. It will be available throughout NHS Jobs where employers can add or change users.

Choose not to offer the job to any applicants

After interviews, employers now have the option to not offer the job to any applicants. Unsuccessful applicants will get sent an automated email. Employers can choose if they want to give their email address for applicants to get feedback.

Settled status

We’ve added a new right to work section in the pre-employment checks stage. This means that citizens from an EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland living in the UK will declare their settled status in their applications.

With this new section, employers can view the applicant’s settled status. They can compare the status to the evidence that the applicant provides. If these do not match, employers can add a note about this to the pre-employment check.

When we release the next part of this functionality, employers will be able to change the status. This will mean that the evidence and status will match.