1 September 2022 System release updates

Employer hub

We've re-designed the employer hub making it easier for you to find the information that you need.

New ‘Specialist’ pay grade

We’ve added a 'Specialist' pay grade under the ‘Hospital medical and dental pay scheme’.

‘Specialist’ has been added to reporting and we’ve made a number of content changes as a result of the new ‘Specialist’ pay grade.


We've made some changes to reporting.

  • Each time a report type is chosen it now opens in a new window. This means that you'll be able to run multiple reports at the same time.
  • You'll now be able to choose the departments that you need when you run the Equal Opportunities report.
  • Before you run the Equal Opportunities for a specific job report, the job listing reference you add is checked. This is to make sure that it exists for your organisation. If it doesn't then you will be asked to add a valid reference.

Rolling recruitment and move applicant - Electronic Staff Record (ESR) listings

  • If an Electronic Staff Record (ESR) listing is copied for a rolling recruitment campaign it will use the original ESR position details. When the new listing is published it will also create a vacancy in ESR.
  • If an applicant has accepted an offer for an ESR listing and they are moved to a different listing, their applicant record in ESR will be automatically terminated.
  • If they accept an offer for the new ESR listing, then a new applicant record will automatically be created and linked to the vacancy in ESR.

Create a listing - copy and paste text

When you create a listing and you copy and paste text, you will see how many characters you have left before you reach the limit allowed. If you exceed the limit you will see how many you need to remove.

We've made some changes to make this character count more accurate. The correct number of characters will now be displayed.