13 January 2022 System release changes

Viewing multiple organisations from the dashboard

Users who have access to more than one organisation can view tasks for multiple organisations from their dashboard. They'll be able to search for a listing or applicant across multiple organisations.

Improvements to manage users

We've made the content for adding and managing users more concise and consistent.

We've made it clearer what happens when changing a user's role and permissions. If a super user changes a user's role, it will change across all organisations they have access to.

We now send an email to users when their details are updated.

View listing improvements

We’ve made some improvements to the listing view. When employers view a listing, they'll now see the:

  • interview lead and panel details (if the interview invites have been sent)
  • list of anonymised applicants (if the listing is published or in shortlisting stage)

Application scoring improvements

It's now possible to view and amend scores before shortlisting has been completed. We've also improved the layout of the scoring pages to be more responsive if using a mobile device.

Changes to flexible working

New rules around flexible working were introduced on 13 September 2021. We've added extra information about this to the 'What is the working pattern' page.

Supporting documents

If a user creates a job listing in English and Welsh with supporting documents, both versions of the documents will show on the published listing.