29 September 2022 System release updates

Supporting documents and links

We've made a change to the employer dashboard.

We've renamed the ‘Supporting documents’ link to ‘Supporting information library’.

Super users, Recruitment administrators and Team managers can now create a library of documents and links.

A maximum of 25 documents and 50 links can be added to the library.

These documents and links can be attached to job adverts, offers and contracts.

Advertising bank contracts

We've improved the experience for employers when they advertise a listing with a bank contract. The improvements are:

  • contract duration is now optional for bank vacancies in the listing creation, offer and contract journey
  • we've added the contract duration to the advert preview
  • we've also included the job title of the informal contract in the job advert

Privacy policy

We now display the employers' privacy policy on job adverts. The privacy notice will be more easily accessible and applicants will be able to access the employer's privacy notice when needed, not just at the point of application.